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Puerto Vallarta Blog

Independence Day Celebration in Puerto Vallarta

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What To Pack For A Trip Pv
14/12/2018 - Lifestyle

What to pack for a trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico

As the excitement builds and it gets closer to your vacation, it’s time to start thinking about what to pack for Puerto Vallarta travel. For some, figuring out what to pack for a family trip or your Puerto Vallarta vacations can be stressful as you fret over what to bring and what not to bring to…

Mirador De La Cruz Vdm Pv
05/12/2018 - Destination

Mirador de La Cruz: The Best View in Puerto Vallarta

With the perfect combination of sandy beaches and lush mountains, Puerto Vallarta is paradise for those who love being outside in the fresh air and warm sun. Some of the most unique free activities in Puerto Vallarta take you outside to explore the city and give you a spectacular view in Puerto…

Family Activities For Your Puerto Vallarta Vacation Vdm Pv
28/11/2018 - Destination

Family Activities for Your Puerto Vallarta Vacation

The reasons to take a family vacation in Puerto Vallarta are endless. Whether you are traveling with little kids or bold teenagers, you are sure to find a wealth of family activities for your vacation in Mexico. The diverse landscapes, friendly ambiance, and assortment of tours geared toward every…

The Malecon Of Puerto Vallarta And Why Is It Worth A Visit
20/11/2018 - Destination

The Malecon of Puerto Vallarta and Why It Is Worth a Visit

The crowned church. Crystal blue waters. Towering statues. Aerobatic performances. Authentic Mexican food. Exciting nightlife. These are just a few of the countless treasures that make the Malecon of Puerto Vallarta one of the necessary places to visit during your vacation in Puerto Vallarta. It’s…

Is Hurricane Season Safe In Puerto Vallarta
13/11/2018 - News

Is Hurricane Season Safe in Puerto Vallarta?

As you gaze over the crystal blue waves of the magnificent ocean from the sandy beaches of Puerto Vallarta, tropical storms and hurricanes in Mexico seem far away, but with the increasing amount of natural disasters hitting North America in recent years, it’s wise to plan ahead when traveling during…

Fitness Routines For Your Puerto Vallarta Vations Vdm Pv
07/11/2018 - Wellness

Fitness Routines for Your Puerto Vallarta Vacations

Puerto Vallarta vacations are a perfect time to slow down and relax, but they can also be filled with large meals, extra treats, and less physical activity. While many people focus on slimming down for a beach vacation, those healthy routines are often left at home. Fitness routines for vacations …

24/10/2018 - Destination

Appreciating the Art and Culture of Puerto Vallarta

One of the greatest rewards of traveling to a foreign country is experiencing its culture firsthand. When it comes to things to do in Puerto Vallarta, taking the opportunity to explore the city and soak in the art and culture of Puerto Vallarta is an enriching activity that can teach you an…

Vallarta Nayarit Gastronomica
17/10/2018 - Destination

Vallarta - Nayarit Gastronomica

The culinary world’s top chefs are gathering in sunny Mexico for one of the top culinary festivals in Mexico: Vallarta Nayarit Gastronomica 2018. This annual star-studded Riviera Nayarit event is bursting with flavor, innovation, and inspiration. Whether you’re a foodie who loves spending time in…

Facts About The Day Of The Dead
11/10/2018 - Destination

Facts about the Day of the Dead - A Traditional Mexican Celebration

Over the years, you may have heard rumors that Mexicans celebrate death rather than mourning it. While this may seem strange to some and others would say this is only partially true, the reality is that for three days a year, individuals from one end of Mexico to the other honor those who have…

Is It Safe To Travel To Puerto Vallarta
04/10/2018 - News

Is it Safe to Travel to Puerto Vallarta?

For decades, Puerto Vallarta has been a popular destination in Mexico, but as more and more Mexico travel warnings make their way into the news, tourists have begun to ask “is it safe to travel to Puerto Vallarta?” The city is by far one of the most popular destinations in Mexico and despite reports…

Trip Ideas What To Do On A Day Vacation In Puerto Vallarta
17/09/2018 - Destination

Trip Ideas - What to Do on a 3 Day Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta vacations have become increasingly popular for families and couples who want a quick getaway to paradise. With its close proximity to the United States and Canada and its international airport, many visitors find Puerto Vallarta to be perfect for a long weekend or a three day trip…

Independence Day Celebration In Vallarta
14/09/2018 - Destination

Independence Day Celebration in Puerto Vallarta

This weekend, Puerto Vallarta lights up with fiestas as people gather to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, chanting the victorious cheer of “Viva Mexico!” The events in Puerto Vallarta kick off on Thursday the 13th and continue through Sunday the 16th. These festivities are a great opportunity to…

Honeymoon Spa Puerto Vallarta
22/08/2018 - Weddings

4 Steps to an Unforgettable Honeymoon In Puerto Vallarta

The charm and romance of the cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and soft beaches have beckoned couples to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for unforgettable honeymoons for years. The land filled with lush palm trees and crystal blue waters are a tranquil escape after months of wedding planning and…

Imagenes Blog
04/08/2018 - Destination

Puerto Vallarta Tours you Must Experience

Staying at Villa Del Mar Puerto Vallarta offers the best opportunity for those taking a number of different styles of vacations. Whether creating family memories, taking a culture trip through the colorful Mexican countryside, heading out on an adults-only adventure, or seeking the myriad romantic…

Vdm Pv
14/07/2018 - Lifestyle

Is the All Inclusive Plan at Villa del Mar Puerto Vallarta Right for You?

When it comes to luxury and indulgence, travelers think of the best all inclusive resorts around the world. However, all inclusive packages aren’t just for high-class travelers. They can make traveling easier for families and others who want simple travel plans when heading to Puerto Vallarta…

Villa Del Mar Puerto Vallarta Intimate Event
06/07/2018 - Weddings

An Intimate and Colorful Puerto Vallarta Event

Destination weddings and beach weddings often seem like a dream, but with a range of different all inclusive wedding packages at Villa del Mar Puerto Vallarta and our team of expert planners, coordinators, photographers, designers, and florists, we’re ready to make your Puerto Vallarta event a dream…

28/06/2018 - Destination

Best Places to Visit in Puerto Vallarta for a First Timer

For first timers, visiting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico feels like a journey to paradise with awe-inspiring expanses of azure waters, sandy beaches, palm-peppered mountains, and an insatiably charming city. However, choosing what to do in Puerto Vallarta on your Mexico vacations can feel a bit…