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Puerto Vallarta Christmas Weather

While a Puerto Vallarta vacation can be enjoyed at any point throughout the year, the best time to visit the picturesque destination is just after the rainy season, during the month of December…

Published on 22.12.2020


Winter Vacation: Top 5 Reasons to Visit Puerto Vallarta in December

When it comes to why visit Puerto Vallarta during the winter, most people don’t need an excuse to jet off to warm places to visit in December, but if you need a little convincing, here are five…

Published on 09.12.2020


Winter Season Activities in Puerto Vallarta

For many travelers, winter is the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta. Rather than being cooped up indoors, you’ll be able to soak up the fresh weather and enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities in…

Published on 10.11.2020


Day of the Dead and Halloween Celebrations in Puerto Vallarta

Experiencing Mexican holidays and traditions on vacation gives you a better taste of the local culture, and when you’re in Puerto Vallarta this fall, you won’t want to miss out on the Day of the Dead…

Published on 19.10.2020


Hiking Trail Routes in Puerto Vallarta

When you go hiking in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll see a side of the city few others do. The mountains and jungles behind the city contain lush tropical plants, peaceful rivers, and hidden waterfalls…

Published on 05.10.2020


Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta in the Rainy Season

While Puerto Vallarta is well known for its sunny weather, many fall in love with the rainy season, which comes at the end of the summer with fresh showers almost daily, because it breathes new life…

Published on 04.09.2020


Transportation Options in Puerto Vallarta

From the Malecon boardwalk lined with palm trees to the verdant mountain jungles, there’s so much to do and see in Puerto Vallarta that every day is a new adventure. The city has become a favorite…

Published on 21.08.2020


Travel to Puerto Vallarta: When, How and Where to Go

Puerto Vallarta Mexico is the best destination for those looking to taste the classic charm of Mexican culture and relax on the beaches of paradise. Ever since the stars of old Hollywood made this…

Published on 17.07.2020


Ecotourism in Puerto Vallarta

Nestled in between verdant jungle mountains and the sparkling blue sea, Puerto Vallarta is the choice destination for explorers seeking adventures. There are so many things to do in Puerto Vallarta…

Published on 10.07.2020


Everything You Need to Know About Turtle Release in Puerto Vallarta

For most travelers, a visit to Puerto Vallarta Jalisco Mexico is an opportunity to experience the wonders of the sea in real life. Here, you can swim with dolphins, snorkel along the shore, or dive…

Published on 24.04.2020


Autumn is an Ideal Time to Visit Puerto Vallarta

For many travelers, autumn is the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta Mexico and relax in the cool ocean breeze between dips in the sea. There’s a variety of things to do in Puerto Vallarta, ranging…

Published on 10.04.2020


Trips to Puerto Vallarta: How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Puerto Vallarta?

While the memories of strolling along the beach and exploring another culture on vacation are priceless, the cost of airfare, hotels, activities, and food can add up quickly, leaving you feeling…

Published on 27.03.2020


Your Puerto Vallarta Questions Answered

Puerto Vallarta is a popular destination for travelers around the world with luxury resorts, verdant jungles, tranquil beaches, and small-town culture. Since it’s not as well known as cities like Cabo…

Published on 04.03.2020


Colomitos Beach, a Place you Must Visit Near Puerto Vallarta

Some of the best Puerto Vallarta beaches are tucked away along the shoreline, hidden in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Exploring the jungle to reach these hidden gems is one of best things to do in…

Published on 12.02.2020


Puerto Vallarta Travel Tips

Puerto Vallarta is nestled in the center of Mexico’s Bay of Banderas, surrounded by the emerald green Sierra Madre Mountains and the turquoise Pacific Ocean. Its old-town charm and vibrant culture…

Published on 05.02.2020


How to Make Your Vacation More Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly travel is a growing trend around the world, and more destinations are being inspired by eco-friendly tourism ideas. No matter where you go, it’s important to make conscious decisions so…

Published on 12.12.2019


15 Fun Things to Do in Vallarta with Kids

Puerto Vallarta isn’t just for honeymooners and spring breakers; it’s one of the top destinations for Mexico family vacations. From the top of the mountains to the depths of the sea, the number of…

Published on 29.11.2019


How to Turn a Friend's Destination Wedding Into Your Vacation

Finding an invitation to a destination wedding in your mailbox can be exciting, but if you were hoping to take your own vacation around the same time, you may feel conflicted. While you wouldn’t miss…

Published on 23.10.2019


Head-to-Toe Looks for Your Mexico Beach Vacation

One of the fun parts of Mexico beach vacations is getting to play with beach outfit ideas that you wouldn’t normally try at home. Bright corals and tropical prints are back in style, and there’s no…

Published on 10.10.2019


TOP 25 Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta

From adventures at sea to jungle hikes, there’s no end to incredible things to do in Puerto Vallarta. While you can’t fit in all the exciting Puerto Vallarta activities into one trip, make sure to…

Published on 02.10.2019


Amazing Adventures in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re looking for the best outdoor adventure Puerto Vallarta has, it’ll be hard to choose what to try because from the lush jungles to the vast ocean, there are so many adventurous things to do in…

Published on 18.09.2019


Cultural Experiences for Your Vallarta Vacation

What makes a Puerto Vallarta vacation such a unique experience is the vibrant culture and warm hospitality throughout the city. The cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta echo with Mexico culture and…

Published on 05.09.2019


Iconic Things to See in Puerto Vallarta

Stop, see, and snap a photo of these iconic Puerto Vallarta attractions to feel like a local expert on your next vacation. As you wander downtown Puerto Vallarta, hunting down these six sights is one…

Published on 10.07.2019


How's the Rainy Season in Puerto Vallarta?

While some might assume that Puerto Vallarta weather is always sunny and warm, there are changing seasons that bring cooler evenings and rain showers to paradise. At the same time, there are many…

Published on 21.06.2019


The Botanical Gardens of Puerto Vallarta

Drive south of Puerto Vallarta, and you’ll discover an incredible wonder nestled in the mountains: the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. One of the most unique things to do in Puerto Vallarta, the gardens…

Published on 14.06.2019


Estero El Salado - Unique Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta

When you think of Puerto Vallarta, your mind probably jumps to visions of sunsets over the water and waves crashing on the shore, but on the other side of the beach, lush jungles cover the mountains…

Published on 29.05.2019


Viejo Vallarta Market

In Old Town Puerto Vallarta, step back in time to the days before Walmart and Costco and explore corner shops and little stalls selling local handicrafts, traditional Huichol art, and local produce…

Published on 21.05.2019


The Best Puerto Vallarta Beaches

If you’re traveling to the most popular tourist destination of Mexico’s Pacific coast than you’re likely to also be in search of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta. While the vibrant town has its…

Published on 08.05.2019


The Most Romantic Puerto Vallarta Activities During the Day

Tropical breezes rustling through the palm trees and sunsets over the sparkling ocean inspire some of the best romantic vacations in Puerto Vallarta. While candlelit dinners and nights out on the town…

Published on 30.04.2019


Puerto Vallarta Excursions on the Water

Gazing out to sea in Puerto Vallarta inspires a love for marine life and an urge to be out on the waves. Some of the best excursions in Puerto Vallarta are the water activities that take you out over…

Published on 18.04.2019


Where to Find the Best Tour Deals in Puerto Vallarta

Taking tours in Puerto Vallarta will fill your trip with adventure and experiences that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Finding Vallarta vacation deals makes these incredible…

Published on 12.04.2019


Sea Turtle Season in Puerto Vallarta

Every summer, thousands of people journey south to the shores of Puerto Vallarta Jalisco for an escape to paradise. However, they’re not the only ones finding shelter in the Bay of Banderas. Every…

Published on 03.04.2019


Puerto Vallarta Things to Do - Ziplining and Canopy Tours

One of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta is explore the natural beauty of the lush jungles and rugged mountains that surround the city, and zipline and canopy tours are one of the easiest ways…

Published on 28.03.2019


Puerto Vallarta Weather: The Best Time of Year to Travel

Along the coast of Mexico, the sun kisses your skin as you lie on golden sand. The tropical breeze keeps you cool while fluffy clouds drift over the horizon. The weather in Puerto Vallarta sings a…

Published on 20.03.2019


DamaJuana Raicilla Festival

The Rio Cuale Island is located at the heart of Puerto Vallarta in the middle of the Malecon boardwalk, and this weekend, the jungle oasis will be filled with booths of local distillers and food…

Published on 11.03.2019


Mirador de La Cruz: The Best View in Puerto Vallarta

With the perfect combination of sandy beaches and lush mountains, Puerto Vallarta is paradise for those who love being outside in the fresh air and warm sun. Some of the most unique free activities in…

Published on 05.12.2018


Family Activities for Your Puerto Vallarta Vacation

The reasons to take a family vacation in Puerto Vallarta are endless. Whether you are traveling with little kids or bold teenagers, you are sure to find a wealth of family activities for your vacation…

Published on 28.11.2018


The Malecon of Puerto Vallarta and Why It Is Worth a Visit

The crowned church. Crystal blue waters. Towering statues. Aerobatic performances. Authentic Mexican food. Exciting nightlife. These are just a few of the countless treasures that make the Malecon of…

Published on 20.11.2018


Appreciating the Art and Culture of Puerto Vallarta

One of the greatest rewards of traveling to a foreign country is experiencing its culture firsthand. When it comes to things to do in Puerto Vallarta, taking the opportunity to explore the city and…

Published on 24.10.2018


Vallarta - Nayarit Gastronomica

The culinary world’s top chefs are gathering in sunny Mexico for one of the top culinary festivals in Mexico: Vallarta Nayarit Gastronomica 2018. This annual star-studded Riviera Nayarit event is…

Published on 17.10.2018


Facts about the Day of the Dead - A Traditional Mexican Celebration

Over the years, you may have heard rumors that Mexicans celebrate death rather than mourning it. While this may seem strange to some and others would say this is only partially true, the reality is…

Published on 11.10.2018


Trip Ideas - What to Do on a 3 Day Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta vacations have become increasingly popular for families and couples who want a quick getaway to paradise. With its close proximity to the United States and Canada and its international…

Published on 17.09.2018


Independence Day Celebration in Puerto Vallarta

This weekend, Puerto Vallarta lights up with fiestas as people gather to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, chanting the victorious cheer of “Viva Mexico!” The events in Puerto Vallarta kick off on…

Published on 14.09.2018


Puerto Vallarta Tours you Must Experience

Staying at Villa Del Mar Puerto Vallarta offers the best opportunity for those taking a number of different styles of vacations. Whether creating family memories, taking a culture trip through the…

Published on 04.08.2018


Best Places to Visit in Puerto Vallarta for a First Timer

For first timers, visiting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico feels like a journey to paradise with awe-inspiring expanses of azure waters, sandy beaches, palm-peppered mountains, and an insatiably charming…

Published on 28.06.2018

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