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Published on 09/08/2018

Puerto Vallarta Restaurants Near the Hotel Zone

Puerto V

Within the tropical paradise of Puerto Vallarta, locals and visitors enjoy a wide variety of traditional and international cuisines. Vallarta dining ranges from upscale gourmet restaurants with innovative chefs to casual dining at warm and friendly sports bars. As you walk down the streets, aromatic scents of fresh salsas and sizzling meats drift through the air from local taco stands and family-owned Puerto Vallarta restaurants. The streets of the Hotel Zone around Villa Del Mar Beach Resort & Spa are lined with some of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta serving up fresh, mouthwatering food every day. Try these Hotel Zone restaurants on your next Puerto Vallarta vacation.

La Vaca Argentina brings the spices and flavors of Argentina to Vallarta dining with their juicy steaks, fresh seafood, and creamy pastas. Their extensive menu features New York style cuts, succulent tenderloins, smoky ribs, and steaks so big they can feed several people. These meats are marinated in traditional Argentinian sauces for a flavor that’s unique and memorable. Freshly caught salmon, tuna, and shrimp bring the best of the sea and of the Argentinian grill to your plate. Vegetarian options at La Vaca Argentina are bold in their combinations of spices and ingredients. Pastas bursting with flavor, soups filled with warm vegetables and creams, and salads piled with succulent toppings delight everyone and leave you feeling completely satisfied. 

Food Park is a great option for families when everyone wants to eat something different. Located in the middle of the Hotel Zone restaurants, this unique Vallarta dining experience is a gathering of trendy food trucks that each serve something unique. At Food Park, everyone can wander past the different trucks serving fresh culinary creations to choose from juicy burgers, traditional tacos, Italian pizza, and spicy sushi before coming together in the middle of the park to eat together. Relax in the evening under the palms and strings of lights with fresh cocktails, fruity margaritas, and cold beers from the different vendors. When it comes to the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta for casual dining, Food Park has something for everyone and is conveniently located across the street from Villa del Mar Puerto Vallarta.

La Leche is anything but ordinary. The kitchen at La Leche is constantly inventing new dishes by combining local cuisine in unexpected ways to surprise foodies with fresh flavors. One of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta for fine dining, La Leche is known for its exquisite innovation with new dishes on the menu every day. This gourmet restaurant is perfect for a date night or celebratory dinner on your Puerto Vallarta vacation. La Leche is often featured with the other top Puerto Vallarta restaurants during Restaurant Week in May and June when there are special promotions and events. 

Wings Sports Bar is one of the classic Puerto Vallarta restaurants for locals and tourists alike to enjoy traditional pub favorites and cold beers while staying up to date on international sports. Puerto Vallarta is home to many Canadians and Americans who gather at Wings Sports Bar when it’s time for the NBA playoffs, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, or legendary boxing matches. Share some wings or enjoy a thick cheeseburger as you watch your favorite teams face off while on your Puerto Vallarta vacation.

The Hotel Zone restaurants near Villa Del Mar Puerto Vallarta offer a wide array of dining experiences. Whether you’re looking for fine dining, innovative gastronomic experiences, casual outdoor eateries, or classic American dishes, you’ll find some of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta close to your hotel. Enjoy one-of-a-kind dishes that will satisfy your hunger after a day of adventures and exploration in the family-friendly vacation destination.