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In a city where classic tradition meets world-class elegance, Puerto Vallarta nightlife offers something for everyone, from travelers looking to slow down by the ocean to the revellers dancing the night away. As the sun sets, the dance clubs in Puerto Vallarta start to bustle as mixologists shake up cocktails. Bands tune up in the best bars in Puerto Vallarta, and DJs start to spin records. However, the best nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is wherever you are with friends and a good drink.


Along the Malecon boardwalk in the heart of downtown, all types of Puerto Vallarta bars and clubs light up the night. With groups of friends and couples bouncing from one to another, you’ll find electrifying energy wherever you go. One of the most popular dance clubs in Puerto Vallarta is Mandala, located in the center of the Malecon. Inside, you’ll find everyone from bachelorette parties to vacationers sun kissed from a day on the beach. The rush of dancing under the chandelier and celebrating life with those around you is what Puerto Vallarta nightlife is all about.


La Santa

La Santa is one of the more exclusive-feeling dance clubs in Puerto Vallarta, often frequented by vacationing celebrities. The light show and in-house DJ are consistently fresh, providing the best nightlife in Puerto Vallarta for those looking to get dressed up for a night out. Bottles of champagne and sparkling firecrackers make every night an event you won’t want to miss. With parties and themes changing throughout the year, something surprising in Puerto Vallarta nightlife is always in store at La Santa.



If you’re looking for one of the best bars in Puerto Vallarta for craft cocktails, Almacen has locations in both Old Town and the Marina with unique blends of top-shelf liquors, fresh juices, and flavorful spices. Quieter than the nightclubs, Almacen provides the perfect ambience for guests to sip cocktails while relaxing in the candlelight of the posh lounge. This is the best nightlife in Puerto Vallarta for those looking for a classy night out or a romantic date.


El Solar

Locals and visitors mix together in the bar or on the beach at El Solar, one of the most popular Puerto Vallarta bars. Listening to the DJ or the crashing waves, you'll be surrounded by a laid-back ambiance where you can enjoy their creative cocktails made with local tequilas, mezcals, and raicillas. You can also order appetizers and entrees from El Barracuda, the restaurant next door, if you start to get hungry. This is one of the best bars in Puerto Vallarta for those who want to relax, enjoy some conversation, and drink quality cocktails and craft beers by the ocean.


Mr. Flamingo

Downtown, you can find a variety of gay bars in Puerto Vallarta that are open to all. Mr. Flamingo is one of the liveliest gay bars in Puerto Vallarta, with pop music pouring into the streets and couples and friends dancing inside. Sing along to your favorite hits while dancing with your friends or partner at what feels like a giant party with neon, tropical decor. Heading out to the gay bars in Puerto Vallarta will lead you into a night of dancing where the energy is lively and inclusive.


While the Puerto Vallarta bars listed above are among the best, there are also a slew of other popular places where you can have a great time. In the Marina, there is a strip of restaurants that provide a more low-key nightlife. In the hotel zone, there are few great bars that are extremely popular among crowds of every age. In “Old Town,” the area of downtown on the southern side of the Rio Cuale, there are restaurants and bars that cater to every taste, and on the malecon, there are numerous bars that allow you to party until the early morning hours. The variety of Puerto Vallarta bars has something for everyone, from upscale cocktails to wild parties. If you’re not sure what to try, join the crowd bouncing between nightclubs and bars and sample it all.

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