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Volaris Announces New Commercial Route Between Puerto Vallarta and Phoenix

NEWS | Published on 04/07/2019
New route of volaris between puerto vallarta and phoenix

Jetting off to paradise is a breeze with Volaris new routes, now including direct flights from Phoenix to Puerto Vallarta. This announcement has come just in time for summer getaways and destination weddings. For families looking to fill their summer vacations with exciting travels, these cheap flights from Phoenix make a Mexico vacation even more tempting. 

The new Volaris routes to Puerto Vallarta will be running twice a week on Friday and Sunday, giving tourists the option for a quick weekend getaway or a full week of family vacation. Volaris chose to increase their flights from Phoenix to Mexico because Mexico is Arizona’s largest trading partner, and Phoenix’s population is around 40% Hispanic. Whether you’re looking for flights from Phoenix to Puerto Vallarta for business or pleasure, the Volaris new routes cut down on the time and money it takes to get to paradise. 

Phoenix is also a retirement destination for Americans looking to escape frigid winter winds and humid summers. Similarly, Puerto Vallarta is also a favorite destination for “snowbirds,” retirees who travel south of the border during the winter where they meet up with old friends for a few months of vacation. The new flights from Phoenix to Puerto Vallarta open more doors for retirees to continue traveling the world and catching up with friends. Connecting these two destinations with Volaris routes and direct flights to Phoenix make travel more accessible for everyone.

Phoenix is also the home of some of the nation’s biggest universities, and for college students, catching flights from Phoenix to Mexico is a well-earned treat after months of exams and papers. Spring break revellers in Puerto Vallarta have everything they need for a week of play and partying, and with cheap flights from Phoenix, a vacation is more affordable for everyone. The city has some of the top nightclubs in Mexico where you can get dressed up and dance the night away. With miles of pristine beaches and safe waters for swimming, college kids can spend their days playing beach volleyball and splashing in the surf. Puerto Vallarta is also considered one of the safest cities in Mexico, making it an ideal spot for young adults to kick back and relax before catching return flights to Phoenix and back to classes.

Families traveling to Puerto Vallarta will also have the time of their lives, and with the Volaris new routes to Mexico, traveling with young children is less of an ordeal. When you can quickly get to your destination with cheap flights from Phoenix, you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and slow down to create memories as a family. Without the distractions of work, you can build sandcastles with your kids and watch them try new adventures and authentic Mexican foods. Making the most of their childhood is simplified with affordable new flights to Phoenix and Puerto Vallarta. 

With the announcement of new Volaris routes, it’s time to make your dreams of a Mexico vacation reality. Whether you’re looking to catch up with old friends, party during spring break, or make memories with your kids, the new flights from Phoenix to Mexico will have you sinking your toes into the sand in no time.

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