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Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta for a Wellness Vacation

The wellness vacations Puerto Vallarta offers are the perfect chance to enjoy the best of the city while healing your body and mind. While there are a number of wellness retreats Puerto Vallarta has…

Published on 17.04.2020


2020 Goals: What Should Be on Your List

The final days of 2019 are flying by, and as you reflect on the year, you can probably identify areas for growth. Whether it’s finally sorting through your closet or running a marathon, setting…

Published on 02.01.2020


Why Puerto Vallarta is the Perfect Wellness Destination

Wellness vacations are growing in popularity, and it’s clear why. Instead of returning home from your travels feeling bloated and exhausted, investing in yourself in the world’s most tranquil wellness…

Published on 15.05.2019


Fitness Routines for Your Puerto Vallarta Vacations

Puerto Vallarta vacations are a perfect time to slow down and relax, but they can also be filled with large meals, extra treats, and less physical activity. While many people focus on slimming down…

Published on 07.11.2018

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