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Puerto Vallarta Resort Activities

Villa del Mar Beach Resort & Spa

Look no further than Villa del Mar Beach Resort & Spa for the excitement and entertainment you desire on your Puerto Vallarta all inclusive vacations. When you stay at this top family resort in Puerto Vallarta, you and your travel companions can enjoy a range of fantastic resort activities for guests of all ages. Each onsite resort activity is geared toward satisfying the unique interests of all our visitors, including our fitness fans, foodies, children and anyone in between. There is so much to do at this Puerto Vallarta all inclusive resort, you may never want to leave. 

Optimizada  Spanish Classes

Spanish Classes


Learn some of the most important terms to get you through your Puerto Vallarta vacation.

Optimizada  Dance Lessons

Dance Lessons


Feel the Latin beats and learn the steps to some of Mexico’s most iconic dances.

Optimizada  Fashion Show

Fashion Show


Enjoy the latest beach fashions or feast your eyes on the traditional Mexican clothing from around the nation.

Optimizada  Cooking Clases

Cooking Classes


Return home ready to prepare your favorite Mexican dishes using tips from our amazing chefs.

Optimizada  Tequila Tasting

Tequila Tasting


Taste the diverse tequila flavors of Mexico

Optimizada  Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting


Find out which wines go best with your food and which flavors you prefer more.

Optimizada  Streching



Loosen up! During our guided stretching sessions, we’ll show you how to properly stretch, while you enjoy the stunning surroundings.

Optimizada  Mini Golf



Try your hand at a little mini-golf this vacation!

Optimizada  Bean Bag Toss

Bean Bag Toss


An entertaining game that puts your aim to the test.

Optimizada  Donkey Race

Donkey Race


A family favorite, choose your donkey, roll the dice and see who arrives to the finish line first.

Optimizada  Bingo



Enjoy a round or two of Bingo on your Puerto Vallarta vacation.

Optimizada  Ping Pong



Test your skills during a round of Ping Pong

Optimizada  Tequila Pong

Tequila Pong


A tasty twist on a crowd favorite

Optimizada Crazy Games

Crazy Game


Find out just how crazy we can get!

Optimizada  Walk On The Beach

Walk on the Beach


Join us for a walk on the resort’s beach and learn about the precious ecosystem that lives there

Optimizada  Eco Arts And Crafts

Eco Arts and Crafts


Create a variety of eco-friendly arts and crafts

Optimizada  Jenga Tournament

Jenga Tournament


A fun competition for our younger guests

Optimizada  Massage Class

Massage Class -


Learn the best massage techniques in this kid-friendly class

Optimizada  Teasure Hunting

Treasure Hunt


Discover the treasures hidden on our beachfront property

Optimizada  Sand Casttle Competitions

Sand Castle Competitions


Get creative and enjoy a friendly competition

Optimizada  Face Painting

Face Painting


An entertaining activity for kids of all ages.

Optimizada  Water Balloon Competition

Water Balloon Fight


Be prepared to get wet during this exciting and refreshing game.

Optimizada  Pool Games

Pool Games


Participate in a variety of pool activities with other kids.

Optimizada  Plaster Hands

Plaster hands


Create a unique work of art all your own

Optimizada  Cooking Baking

Cookie Decorating


Decorate your own cookies while learning from the best.

Optimizada  Dance Classes

Dance Classes


Pick up a few dance moves while on your Mexico vacation.

Optimizada  Pinata



Break open a traditional Mexican pinata and scramble for your share of the treats.

Optimizada  Mini Fashion Show

Mini Fashion Show


A fashion show the kids will love.

Optimizada  Bracelet Making

Bracelet Making


Make a bracelet for yourself or a loved one and remember your Puerto Vallarta vacation forever.

Optimizada  Water Volley Beach Volley

Water Volley/Beach Volley

Beach and Water

Bump, set, and spike your way through your Puerto Vallarta vacation!

Optimizada  Aqua Fitness

Aqua Fitness

Beach and Water

A fun way to stay in shape each and every day.

Optimizada  Paddleboard Class

Paddleboard Class

Beach and Water

A guided excursion to explore the waters in front of the resort.

Optimizada  Water Polo

Water Polo

Beach and Water

A friendly and refreshing competition that will keep you moving while still allowing you to enjoy the resort’s pool.

Optimizada  Broadway Night

Broadway Night

Theme Nights

Sing along to some of your favorite broadway hits.

Optimizada  Mexican Fiesta

Mexican Fiesta

Theme Nights

Indulge in the music and dancing during a traditional Mexican fiesta.

Optimizada  Jungle


Theme Nights

International Buffet, Open Bar, and Live Music

Optimizada  Beach Party

Beach Party

Theme Nights

Live it up on the beach at night during our exciting and entertaining beach party.

Optimizada  Circus Night

Noche de Circo-

Theme Nights

Experimenta un increíble buffet internacional y show en vivo en Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta.

Optimizada  Movie Night

Movie Night

Theme Nights

Enjoy some of your favorite movies on the big screen under a star-filled night sky.

Optimizada  Karaoke Party

Karaoke Party

Theme Nights

Belt the lyrics to your favorite songs at our fun karaoke party